amazing andamans


twenty sixteen came with the promise of travel. a trip to the amazing andaman & nicobar islands. of hills and mountains and plains and valleys, i have an affinity to the seas. so what better than a beach vacation?  a trip to the andaman islands starts with you having to choose from the southern, middle and northern islands, southern being the most popular choice. my southern andaman itinerary comprised Port Blair – the andamanese capital, Havelock island, Neil island, Ross island and the Jolly Buoy island. with island names as dreamy as these, i was all raring to go!

after having landed at Port Blair, the drive to the hotel alongside the sea bay looked and felt as would in any coastal town. up in the hotel room, i could not contain my excitement when the large window led me to this mighty view of the sea! that was when i knew for sure, my quest for incandescent solitude was here…

bay view at Port Blair

after a night’s stay at Port Blair, a ship cruise led us to Havelock, a wanted tourist destination. it was at Havelock that i discovered the little pleasures. it is true we dream in colors borrowed from the seas. the sea colors at Havelock looked surreal, myriad shades of blue straight out of my water color palette from school, a deep cobalt blue, an emerald green, a jade and turquoise, all at once. i stared into oblivion standing at the rugged shoreline laced with coral and driftwood. i could not tell when the heavens ended and the earth began – it was the closest i had ever felt to the Creator. and then i soon got lost chasing pea crabs under bouldery corals, feeling the sun on my skin, sea breeze in my hair and sand in my toes, laying down under rustling coconut palms, and holding the Creator in awe and adoration. the beaches at Havelock are unique, each with its own distinct character. white and pristine in its unspoilt natural habitat.

Havelock island

Radhanagar beach on Havelock island

Elephant at Radhanagar beach on Havelock island

Elephant beach on Havelock island

two days into Havelock, it was time to cruise to Neil island. on arrival at the jetty, the waters at Neil were something else. crystal clear and as far as the naked eye could see with colors that would transport you into a world of your own and transcend your senses. the beaches here too have a unique landscape. some with a natural rock formation and others with a natural forested coastline. all the while reminding you of the mighty Creator in all of His glory.

reflection at jetty on Neil island

Neil island

Lakshmanpur beach on Neil island

Bharatpur beach on Neil island

from Neil it was back to Port Blair for day trips to Ross and Jolly Buoy islands. Ross island was one with so much history to it that it left me wanting to study the whole bygone era. Jolly Buoy island was one where the secrets of the ocean were revealed with its many coral reefs thriving with life from its many creatures living beneath. the play of colors sent me into a tizzy, with myriad colored fish, sea anemones, jelly fish, starfish, octopus, oysters, and live corals all co-existing in harmony, sometimes playing prey and sometimes predator, all at once.

the church ruins on Ross island

view from Ross island

view from Jolly Buoy island

with ocean waters as far as the eye can see; a deep cobalt blue, emerald, turquoise and jade – all at once, the pristine white sandy beaches and the rugged forested coastline, the vibrant marine coral reefs of the ocean bed, the star-stud blanketed nightfall sky, the beauty of the andamans overwhelms, enthrals and stays with you forever! my trip had me thanking and praising God for His wonderful bounty!

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