breaking from the monotony


every once in a while comes a day when i choose to unwind from the monotonous demanding routine. and yesterday happened to be one of those days. having worked the last two weekends back-to-back and with another hectic one on the horizon, i was even more looking to break free. i would choose to not do much on such days, typically potter around the house, read a bit, nap in between, be at my sloth-iest optimum. it’s funny how i think of ways of being productive at home whilst at work, and when i actually find myself home, i can’t seem to get off the couch. there are movies waiting to be watched, recipes waiting to be tested, reviewed and blogged about, half read books waiting to get to the appendix, a hundred pinned articles waiting to be read. and yet! i can’t get myself to do any. it’s like my brain giving me the silent treatment.

yesterday wasn’t any different. except that i decided to head out for a spin. and that notwithstanding the sweltering unforgiving summer heat that could put planet Mercury to shame. i chose to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. and for once, i was happy with my purchase. except that it also meant shedding a few kilos. and then came the part that i always look forward to. food! i decided to have Malaysian for lunch. “Nasi and Mee” in a busy neighbourhood is a charming little joint that serves authentic Malaysian/Thai cuisine. some shots from my time at the restaurant. after a satisfying meal, i was back home looking to spend whatever little was left of my day, productively, trying so hard not to think about my upcoming working weekend. i need more of this i say!

a restaurant with a Julia Child quote on its wall is a good one in my book!

my lemon grass cooler, what’s missing is the refreshing chendol that was gulped down before it could be caught on camera

chicken satay, succulent pieces of meat cooked to perfection

phad krapao gai – rice topped with a fried egg, stir fried chicken with thai basil alongside a refreshing salad

nasi goreng – malaysian chicken fried rice in sweet soya and chilli topped with a fried egg, served with chicken satay, sambal paste, fresh cucumber, and prawn crackers (my absolute favorite!)